No guts no glory. Have no shame. Freeload when you can. Spend your money wisely.

1. Asking for the wifi when you're not a customer

Don’t waste data when you can connect to free WiFi. Be thick skin about it. Though, it's common policy that you do have to be a customer before anyone gives out the password. Ask nicely, though. Alternatively, connect to your telco’s WiFi hotspot.

2. Use the restroom of a place without eating there

If you have to go, you have to go. Don't hold your pee in. Talk your way in if you have to. And watch this video of why you shouldn't hold it in.

3. Say yes to any freebie

Be quick to respond or spot any deal that will give you more than what you pay/paid for. Never waste your food and drink vouchers!

4. Live with your parents until you're 40. Rent free.

Per some research and news report, young Malaysians will find it pretty tough to own their own home. Work harder to achieve whatever it is your goals are, and in the meantime, live rent free. There's no shame in this.

5. Freeloading bus rides

If they're already going to where you want to go, why bother paying for it? Don't create a larger carbon footprint if you can help it.

6. Freeloading medical help at 1malaysia clinics

Here's a little known fact: the 1Malaysia clinics offer free vaccinations and checkups for certain groups of people (babies and old ones.) Or they could be entirely free. Either way, just make full use of your taxpayer's money. It's for your own good too!

7. Playing video games at malls

Heck, beats paying for the console and taking up your Netflix time, right? Should you choose to decide you really want it, then we suggest coming back a few more times to complete those levels you couldn't. Then only decide.

Every ringgit saved, is a ringgit earned! You’re not taking advantage of anything. You’re just smart about spending your money in the right places.

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