People by nature, are faddish. They like something a lot for a while, and then, the next big thing comes, replacing the old with the new. Here is your love-relationship with new technology, every time a new product cycle appears.

1. You somehow feel your device is.. ancient now..

The only problem: Didn’t it just come out 1-YEAR ago? If only you waited a little longer instead..

2. You love it so much it consumes your thoughts all the time

The problem: The next version that comes is probably going to be better and you’re going to feel like this once more.

3. The very hype of it is part of the excitement

The problem: After you FINALLY get it, your happiness goalpost shifts again. The cycle repeats itself every time a new device is teased to the market.

4. You love the idea of how everything is going to be faster since it’s new

The problem: You get used to the awesome new speed and it becomes the new normal, and you’re left wanting more.

5. You love that you're one the first few owners of this new tech..

The problem: Your bragging rights will really never last, because that’s so 2007. Eventually, others are going to get it too.

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