You shouldn't really be surprised that there are a lot of bizarre things you can buy off the Internet today. Here are some outrageous ones. Just do a quick search on them and you'll find them available. Check it out:

A Kim Kardashian/Human Centipede mashup t-shirt.

A custom Nicolas Cage pillowcase.

24K gold rolling papers.

A one-pound human body fat replica

Face slimmers.

A bronze door knocker with huge balls

A 10-pound bag of human bones:

A book titled "Images You Should Not Masturbate To"

A face blanket, to "block out light and keep your face warm"

Pizza scissors.

Cum D'licious Pills, for sweetening semen

Five pairs of emergency underpants

Underwear...FOR TWO..

You can buy Nothing. $9...FOR NOTHING.

Pepperoni pizza nipple pasties.