Whether you’re new to the marketing game or consider yourself a veteran, there are always new methods and strategies worth learning to grow and change the ways you market your brand. Marketing communities are composed of people who are dedicated to helping you build your business by marketing and networking in order to draw clientele to your product or service that you’re offering. There are plenty of these communities in market spaces all across the virtual world, and here we will discuss a few that are worth watching for that next great idea.


Kreativa was founded in 2008 and has been successful as a marketing company ever since. Kreativa focuses on intuitively understanding consumers, what those consumers want from a business, and how they see their desires playing out in the marketing world. They cover the gamut of online marketing topics, from web development and graphic design, to link building and content marketing. Their newly updated website makes it easy to connect with talent and thought leaders in the marketing sphere and stay on top of changes to the online marketplace and the strategies that drive success, whether you need to market a new small business venture or are an established, enterprise-level marketer.

Global Wide Media 

Global Wide Media is another digital marketing heavyweight, except GWM, is data-driven, meaning that it provides solutions for your business that revolve around the reporting and analytics of social media, networking, broadcasting, e-mail and video marketing, and more. GWM seeks to help brands and agencies figure out what their target audience is and meet their goals by drawing that audience to their product. GWM’s numbers are impressive; they generated $3 billion in sales during the previous year for their partners. 

Eight by Eight  

This community particularly targets online shopping and attempts to improve online sales. Whether you require email sales, website sales, mobile sales, or anything else, Eight by Eight will help you reach the audience you need by teaching you how to use the virtual world to your advantage. The business revolves around teaching companies how to build the best E-commerce site that will convert as well as manage their orders effectively so you can focus on keeping your business running smoothly. 


Another online marketer, WordStream offers pay-per-click (PPC) software, social ads software, managed services, free graders, agency solutions, and more to help you build your online business. An attractive feature they offer is a free report that will analyze 40 hours of PPC in less than one minute to help you advance your customer service and see areas that you need to improve in. It will also “grade” your business, so you can see how your current efforts stack up.


Inbound.org is a marketing community for marketers. It can be conceptualized in a business-to-business framework, except instead of businesses, it’s marketers that are congregating. The community includes marketing threads on different topics such as social, analytics, web development, PPC, the future of marketing, industry strategy, and many more. While the other marketing communities on this list are focused on building other businesses, this one is slightly different, as it helps you connect with other marketers and gain tips for your own work.

Seer Interactive 

This innovative company is all about digital marketing and has brick-and-mortar locations in Philadelphia and San Diego. They mainly work in the SEO, PPC, and Analytics categories of marketing to build your visibility and clientele. Seer was founded in 2002 and has been around since then, with clients such as coupons.com, Quill.com, Autodesk, Sparta Systems, and more taking advantage of their services.