Traffic is hardly organic these days, and it'll take more than just publishing interesting content on your website to get in the views. You'll have to invest in a Facebook strategy that will increase your reach and traffic to be competitive. Here are the top 5 ways to increase your likes for an effective marketing strategy. 

1. Make interesting content

A Facebook page without interesting content is as good as not having one. You can pair the content that you publish on your site with exclusive content for your page.

You'll also need to know what sort of content works for your audience. Use a variety to figure out what attracts the most engagement using options like videos, GIFs or pictures, links, and even page features like check-ins and offers.

2. Make content updates frequent

The more you publish content on your page, the higher chances you'll get for engagement and reach. Your page's organic reach has gone down overtime, and to counteract its ranking algorithm which decides which posts gets shown to each user in their Timeline, you'll have to keep it updated.

Content doesn't just refer to interesting types, but your profile image and short description as well. Make sure your content is also relevant in interest to what people may want to see appear on their feeds.

3. Ride on trends

Even with a lot of content on your page, you might still find that your reach isn't as wide. You can counteract this by staying up to date with what's trending, and model your content after it.

Reach on Facebook is determined by affinity score, edge weight, and time decay. The posts with the highest scores would be the ones that are displayed first. By doing so, you gain the edge of increasing a user's interaction when they see your post.

Take not of time decay too as scheduling a post to be published at a certain time can make all the difference in ensuring it appears on someone else's timeline.

4. Boost your posts

Your organic reach can only go so far, and Facebook is after all still a business. After creating and publishing your content, you'll have to cherry pick the most interesting ones to promote.

By promoting your posts, you increase engagement in terms of clicks as well as potential page likes. You'll have to do this from time to time to ensure you can keep good organic reach figures up. Achieving a page like from a boosted post will go far with your Facebook page strategy.

5. Create several target audiences for ads

Not all posts are created equal, and they are not a one size fits all one too. You'll need to create target audiences of different types, from ages to location, to interests and behavior.

Buy Facebook like ads to promote the page and couple this strategy by boosting posts as well and use a mixture of several different target audience profiles to get your desired results.