There's an app for everything, and this list here will prove just that. You have an app that will help you with all the bad habits that you have. Pick one, and start being better. All from your phone!

1. Stop Drunk Texting

2. Math Alarm

3. UnFuckYourHabitat - Basically, clean the fuck up!

4. Chorma - split your chores with your roommate.

5. Gratitude Journal from Happy Tapper - Write down five things you are grateful for and save them in a journal

6. Global Tipping App

7. Gym Pact - have a gym buddy. It helps!

8. Eat slower

9. Carbodroid - don't drink enough water? This app will help you with reminders.

10. Things I Didn't Buy - See how much money you've saved from all the things you did not buy.

11. Procraster - stop procrastination

12. Chipolo - Misplace things a lot? This app is for you.

13. Bill organizer - It will schedule you to pay your bills.

14. StopBite - Nail biting if you have a problem..

15. Brush DJ - For you to remember to brush your teeth.

16. Stop Swearing - If you have a problem with swearing, this app is for you.

17. Office Exercise & Stretch - This will remind you to workout, even at work.

18. Kwit - Need to quit smoking? This app will help you.