If you’re in for some treasure hunt, but don’t want the sun and sweat that come along with it, then you’re in for some luck with this one. This new hunt called ‘Dig For Gold’ will reward you with real gold worth up to RM200,000 of it. You just need to bring your wits and a keen eye in its games. We explore it in the post below:

200k worth of gold awaits you.

Big Win is a site that provides an extremely low cost entry point to win great prizes, cash and latest gadgets.  Its concept is very easy to follow and we’ve detailed the steps in which you can take to have your shot at the prize. 

Here's how it works over at the site:

Subscribe to Big Win Win's Dig For Gold

You can sign up using your email and a valid Celcom phone number or use Facebook as your credentials. You’ll receive a confirmation on your phone each time you choose to take part in their quizzes.

Play the game for RM1 / day

The first 7 days is free after you subscribe to it for RM1. Subsequent chances will require you to spend another RM1 to take part in the quizzes.  The more you accumulate, the more you stand a chance to win gold worth RM200,000.

The objective of each quiz is to accumulate as many points as you can. You can choose to play one quiz at a time for RM1 to collect additional gold coin points. 100 gold coin points will be given for each correct answer, and another 100 gold coins when you answer trivia questions.

You'll also get 10,000 gold coin points for "Finding The Gold."

There are tips too..

Once you start playing, you'll receive daily content on "Gold info" tips. You can use that to your advantage in your quest to find the “gold.” These tips are important as they unlock clues as to how you might be able to answer a trivia question within its quizzes.

How easy is this?

Our first few shots at it were easy, especially with the help of “Gold Info” tips. You must not neglect it as it is actually very helpful in your quest.  The quizzes are fun, but you will have to pay attention and not whiz through them too fast. Simply put: pay attention. You’re digging for gold and you’ve got to be patient!

Our pro tip:

Have another browser ready if you’re not sure about which answers are correct, though not every answer is easily found, which is why you should pair this method along with reading your “Gold Info.” 

Like any game, each level gets slightly harder, but with enough wit and patience, you might end up winning big.

You can also participate via SMS by sending “ON GOLD” to 22244. Upon successful subscription of the service, you will receive an SMS confirmation of your subscription from Celcom.

Check out the site here and happy treasure hunting! Good luck!