Lego is interesting. It's huge. There's also way too many pieces of them around. Here are some very interesting facts about them that you probably didn't know. For example, in 2013, the company made 55 billion pieces of it.

In 2013, Lego made 55 billion pieces.

Lego is the most profitable toy manufacturer with a margin of 24%. It is also is the world’s largest toy manufacturer.

Every minute about 117,000 Lego pieces are made.

The Lego factory produces about 306 million tires a year, making it the world’s No. 1 tire manufacturer.

The company name is derived from the Danish phrase leg godt, which means “play well”.

60% of Lego’s sales come during the holidays.

Lego started making wooden toys in 1932 but didn’t actually start producing “Legos” until 1949.

On average, every person on earth owns 102 lego bricks.

To date Lego has made more than 600 billion pieces.

You can combine 6 classic (2×4 stud) Lego bricks a total of 915,103,765 different ways.

The Taj Mahal Lego set is the largest set produced with 5,922 pieces.