Today we bid farewell to all the Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar memes and GIFs that we've been using over the years. He's finally won one! And that's great news! Sadly, we won't be able to use any of these anymore. They're no longer relevant, no thanks to The Revenant.

1. No more crying, Leo.

2. No more running away.

3. No more this!

4. No more jokes!

5. No more snubs!

6. No more searching.

7. No more of this nonsense:

8. No more anger management classes.

9. No more hard acting.

10. No more wishing.

11. No more chasing for recognition.

12. No more having to say shit like this:

13. It's no longer out of reach.

14. Prize in sight, prize in hand.

15. No more help from bears.

16. No more almost wins.

Will he be doing comedy from now on?