How horrible a person do you have to be to kill a stray dog and then later on eat it/ A Chinese factory worker did just that when he mistook his boss's dog for a stray. He beat it to death with a stick, cooked, and ate it. With friends.

A factory worker named Zhang found a Pembroke Welsh Corgi wandering around the bathroom at work. He thought it was a stray so he found a stick and beat the poor dog to death.

He took it back to his quarters and together with his roommates, shaved, skinned, and cooked the Corgi that night and ate it the next day.

They later found out the next day that it was their boss's missing dog, and he was offering $1,200 as a reward.

An anonymous person who saw Zhang beat the Corgi to death called the boss. When his boss visited the staff quarters, he found his dog's fur and a knife.

They were fired immediately and taken to the police where they were charged with theft.