We tend to believe some myths or so called facts without fact-checking them. So much so that we take these believes along with us and carry them for a very long time. Then we start spreading them as if they were the truth. Here are some 'facts' that really aren't true at all.

1. You can fold it 12 times but it depends on the size and girth.

2. It was invented by a Japanese man in America.

3. Coffee is made from seeds. The beans are the seeds of the fruit borne by the coffee plant.

4. You lose heat equally from your whole body and your head only accounts for 10% of total body surface.

5. It was first "discovered" by its indigenous people, and then by the Vikings in the 11th century.

6. It is more to do with communication than blending in.

7. No they're not blind. They've just got very poor eyesight.

8. They have a memory of three months.

9. It does. All the time.

10. Sushi is actually the vinegared rice.

11. No evidence has been able to support this so far. But you'll still take it anyway.

12. They are color blind. They probably just hate the guy waving the cloth at it.

13. Our skin dries up, and everything else shrinks, making it look as if our hair and nails are still growing.