If there's anything you can be sure of, it is that Zoom looks incredibly menacing - with his mask on. I mean, this guy is just oozing evil. He's also incredibly super fast, so fast that he's beat The Flash. A few times. And he's also obsessed with speed. But the major question remains. WHO IS ZOOM?

The latest episode for Flash just revealed who the villain is. But before that, just take a look at this evil dude:

Even without the blue lightning, you'll think really hard to mess with him.

Add the blue lightning in, and he's one guy you'll want to stay away from.

Barry's no match for him, yet.

And then the big reveal came.

Hang on. It's Jay! What's going on? He's Hunter Zolomon, aka Jay Garrick.

Could the other man in the iron mask also be Jay Garrick?