Think you know every kiamsap trick in the book to score yourself some free food and drinks? Think again. Check out these ingenious tactics below:

Crash someone's wedding.

Make sure you don't know them but be very friendly. Chances are most people don't know you don't know the bride and groom either. A fair warning note: you COULD get caught. You should probably only stay for the canapes and cocktails.

Hello, hopefully no one notices I don't belong here!

Claim it's your birthday at a family / fancy restaurant

And then get some free cake thrown in. Do note: They might ask you for your IC to confirm, just tell them you were too happy celebrating you forgot to bring! You'll get some stares, but mostly the congratulatory kind. It's your "birthday" after all! Don't feel bad since you're technically celebrating your birthday there, in advance or after.

Yeah, celebrate!

Eat everything at your office food pantry

If you've got an office pantry, there's a good chance there's food stocked there. From instant noodles to snacks, or your colleague’s wife’s famous nasi lemak, you don't even have to whip your wallet out! How not to do it: eating everything up at one go. You should save some…for later!

Don't go overboard, please!

Follow your boss out for lunch

So... no one likes to go for lunch with the boss. It's an awkward experience, and you dread them asking you questions about both work and life. But if you can pretend it doesn't matter for a bit, there's a good chance you'll be eating for free. A very good chance. The only thing is, you might seem like you are sucking up to your boss, but hey it might earn you a promotion…who knows!

Yup. Who knows? It's seriously better than eating at your desk alone.

Take home leftovers and don't be shy about it

People tend to over order. So let them. And when that happens, most people are adverse to the idea of taking home the leftovers. You on the other hand, shouldn't. We shouldn’t waste good food after all (think of the hungry children in Ethiopia!). Put it in the oven or microwave, and Voila! A meal that's good to go!

Last night's dinner. Still good.

Eat your kid's dinner (at a restaurant that serves kids free)

Feed them prior first, then pretend to let them nibble away at their serving while you chomp down a major portion of it. Kids shouldn't eat outside food all the time, anyway. Don't worry. You're still a good parent.

Make a dash for it.

Show up at a press event during their refreshments period

No one will ask you which media you're from. If they do, just cook up some reputable one and say you're here with colleagues. And quickly get out of their sight. A fair warning note: you might just be asked to leave, but other than that, no problem!

No one will ask. Watch here.

Visit that friend of yours whose mum cooks delicious food during meal time

You know there’s always this friend whose mum is a super cook at home and cooks delicious food all the time? Just “pay a visit” to your friend during dinner time and drop lots of hints that you don’t have any dinner plans and you’re likely to score yourself an awesome home cooked dinner!

As long as you're funny, we suppose!

Work at a restaurant

Probably the hardest tactic in this list, because it requires a ton of hard work. Sometimes, you get scolded, by a customer, or even your colleagues. To help you deal with all of that, most restaurants will feed you. So that's sort of like a compensation... right?

All that hardwork for a meal...


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What are you waiting for?