Can you skip work and not get noticed at all? This one guy did, and he did it for 6 years. While some might say he's a genius, it's more likely he's got an office full of incompetent fools! This is the story of Joaquin Garcia, a Spanish civil servant, who decided to not show up at work. He was still paid for it though!

He began working for the local authority in Cadiz in 1990. For more than half a decade, he didn't show up, but was still earning his salary.

It was only when he was going to collect his long-service medal that his boss, Jorge Blas Fernandez, realized something was wrong.

The manager of the Agua de Cadiz water board told Ferndandez that he hadn’t seen Garcia in years. Garcia was called into Fernandez’s office. He was asked what he’d been doing. Apparently nothing, as it turns out.

He just hadn’t been into his office at all and between 2007 and 2010 had done no work whatsoever.

Garcia, is now facing a fine of the equivalent of £21,000 in Euros. The sum amounts to a year of his previous salary after tax.