If you have ever seen a documentary on the history of video games, or even just some old pics of people playing games in arcades, you probably experienced a couple of different feelings, depending on your age. Perhaps you were filled with nostalgia for your childhood and had fond memories. Or, if you are a little younger, maybe you were just confused.

You mean people actually had to leave their homes to play video games, which were contained in huge boxes? Yes, video games have come a very long way in just a few decades, but more innovation is on the way. Here are some things that are just starting to enter mainstream gaming, and others that will be here soon:

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality isn't really a new thing for video games; in fact, in the '90s, Nintendo created something called Virtual Boy, where players looked through a headset to play 3D games. The thing is, their early attempt didn't catch on. Then in 2012, the Oculus Rift was created, which was a game-changer (pun intended). Since then, virtual reality has been creeping more and more into the news, and it is only a matter of time before it becomes the norm (or more mainstream, at least).

Augmented Reality

While VR immerses you in video games, AR brings the game right into your living room, or wherever it is you may be playing. Though we may still be at least a few years from AR taking over our games, you can get an awesome glimpse of what the future may hold here.


Like virtual reality, interactive games are really nothing new. But in recent years, these types of games have only gotten better. Think about games like Call of Duty and Halo, where you can play online with your friends and you get to interact with each other. That premise has been taken one step further, however. There are games online, including roulette and baccarat, that now allow you to interact directly with live dealers, and you can get a feel for it on this platform. What this means is that you no longer have to travel to a brick-and-mortar casino to get the full gambling experience, and it's likely this technology will only expand in the coming years (if not months!).

Facial and Voice Recognition

While you may have played a game that allowed you to create your own personal avatar, Intel's RealSense 3D camera lets you do much more than that. This system scans 78 different points on someone's face, which will then allow the game to react to that person's emotions. On top of that, your voice will be utilized for more than just trash talking your competitors and companions. In addition to being able to turn your console on or off with your voice, your vocal commands will have the power to control gameplay as well.

Gesture Control

You may soon not even need a controller anymore. The aforementioned RealSense camera can also scan points on your hand, which allow you to control game action just by gesturing. This technology will be particularly handy in first-person shooters, racing titles, and others that call for more true-to-life gestures.

The thing is, unless you're willing to shell out quite a few bucks, most of this tech will not be readily available for a while. But there are obviously some excellent things worth waiting for. What are you most excited to see in video games?