Being tall is awesome, isn't it? Or is it? Even tall people have problems, since not everything was made for tall people. Here are some undeniable truths and problems every tall person has to go through in life, because everything and everyone is shorter than you.

1. Hugging.

2. You with your friends.

3. Shirts.

4. Pants.

5. Shower heads.

6. Baths...

7. When people assume you can be a model since you're tall.

8. Combing your hair in the bathroom in front of a mirror.

9. Taking mirror selfies.

10. Economy seats on planes aren't for you.

11. Sitting in buses.

12. Sitting in backseats.

13. Being the giant in class.

14. Low ceilings.

15. You, standing right at the back for a picture.

16. Beds.

17. When umbrellas are in your face.

18. When your shorter friend holds up the umbrella.

19. ATMs....

20. Selfies with tall friends.