I don't know about you, but I love going for a ride on my motorbike! Going on the road on a bike is a different experience to getting behind the wheel of a car. For one, you get to see more of the world around you. You can also avoid delays like traffic because you weave in and around it!

There's nothing better than going on a motorcycle on a summer's day. The only thing I don't like about riding is when you have to travel in wet weather. Still, in those conditions, I go out in my car instead. Yes, I know; that's cheating! But, I like to think of myself as a safe and responsible motorcyclist.

The sad truth is that some motorbike owners get complacent as the years go on. They feel their riding experience means they can "cut corners" when it comes to safety. After all; they think they can deal with any likely scenario, right?

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I used to be just like that kind of rider. I didn't have a care in the world. One day, a car pulled out in front of me without checking the road first. I didn't have all my fingers on the brake levers and so couldn't stop fast enough.

While I'm still around to tell the tale, my motorbike is not. I ended up mounting the pavement and falling off my bike. Although I was wearing safety gear, I still received damage to various parts of my body. My right shoulder bore the brunt of the impact, and even today it's still painful and not right.

I thought about giving up riding my motorcycle, but I thought I should try to overcome my anxiety first. Today, I still love going out on my bike, but I'm more conscious of the environment around me.

It's a shame that something like that had to happen to stop me being complacent. I am writing this blog post today because I want to help you avoid learning about complacency the hard way like I did!

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The following motorcycle safety tips will help you to be a safer rider. Here is what you need to know:

Go on a motorcycle safety course

You might think that those courses are a waste of time. But, if you take part in such a course, you will learn how to be a safer biker. In fact, that's not the only thing you'll learn! Motorcycle safety courses also teach you why it's a bad idea to have certain bad habits on the road.

And if you think that nothing bad will happen to you, they'll show you why you are wrong! Safety courses get designed to help bikers be safer on the road. They also teach attendees to respect their motorcycles and the environment around them.

Choose the best riding gear

Unless you are insane, you shouldn't ride a motorbike without some layers of protection! You need to remember that you're not driving a car. There isn't a thick metal shell to protect you from something you are about to hit at speed.

It's no secret that motorcycle collisions have far worse consequences than those with cars. Ask any motorcycle accident attorney or experienced rider and they'll say the same thing. I recommend wearing the right gear, such as leather clothing, helmet and boots. That way, you'll have more of a fighting chance if you come off your bike.

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Don't ride a bike you can't handle

It sounds quite obvious if you think about it. But, you might get shocked to learn just how many people have bikes they shouldn't ride! As you know, motorcycles come in a range of configurations and power outputs.

Younger riders tend to buy the highest performance bikes they can afford. But, that's a stupid approach to riding a motorcycle on the road! It's important that one builds up experience instead of just getting a powerful machine.

When you have a lot of horsepower, you could get tempted to ride dangerously. When that happens, the risk of an accident goes up quite a lot! Are you new to the world of motorcycles? If so, I recommend starting out with a less powerful machine.

As your experience grows, so too will your capability to handle more powerful motorbikes.

Final thoughts

I hope that my story plus the above safety tips will help you to be a safer rider on the road. Thanks for checking out my blog post today!

Image Source: Flickr