Getting from A to B does not always have to be a dull experience. It can actually be fun and what’s not to say you can’t be cool at the same time? Above all, it has to work. It has to be affordable and practical. Most importantly it must get us there. Pogo sticks and space hoppers are not going to make the grade.


While we are still waiting for real hoverboards, here are some cool ways to get around.

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Timeless. That is the only way to look at your Vespa. It has tiny wheels, fits two people and ranges from 50cc upwards to an unbelievable whopping 278 cc if you believe it. The scooter was the city icon of the 1960’s. It had undeniable Italian style and chic, and it worked. It nips in and out of traffic, and it may sound like a hairdryer, but it gets you there. It is a cinch to park. It turns on a dime and does zillion miles to the gallon. It starts every time you get on it, and you are off. Retro models are hard to beat for style and chrome. There a thousand beefed up high-tech versions that almost look like motorbikes and wouldn't be out of pace in a Manga movie.

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We didn't like wearing helmets for a long time and then no one minded anymore. Helmets got stylish too, and suddenly it wasn't so bad. Scooters are not good at stopping in the rain. And you might struggle up that big hill if you have a passenger. Apart from that. They are the business.

Electric Bikes

If you were ever in France in the 1960’s, you might have seen big old bicycles with canny little petrol engines strapped to them. It took a while. One energy crisis later and with cycling reborn, here they are. The first ones were clunky and unreliable and didn't go very far on a charge. But how things have changed. Electric bikes are rocking in their style and efficiency. Go retro for an Indian motorcycle look and a whopping 36 mph! But they are not cheap. Or go sleek and fold-up with a model you can almost fit in your pocket. We like them, and they are here to stay.

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Mountain Bikes and Racing Bikes

What can you say about a sport that gives you permission to get muddy and smell and still be allowed into the bar without a bath? They even give you somewhere to park your bike. Off road reborn and anywhere you want to ride it, the bicycle got some serious cojones and looks like no sign of stopping. Techwise and efficiency wise these bikes are about as cool as you can get.

As far as racing bikes go, there is something admirable about tearing down the road on a machine that looks like it would collapse under its weight. When you see a gang of them out for a spin, it’s heartwarming. Even older big guys can carry off lycra on a road bike. But only while they are riding.

Self Balancing Scooters

Are self balancing scooters the future? They are here, and people love them. They are fun, and if you buy the quality ones, they are perfectly safe. A fully blown hoverboard from Back To The Future they are not. But they are getting there. Only you are just a bit limited where you can play with them. I predict parties and even team sports being played on them. The future is here. Enjoy it while you can.

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Scooters and skateboards

By which I mean classic two wheels small or large. They work. The smaller ones are small and just a little bit 'toys for a 10-year-old'. The larger wheels, are just like bigger versions and make you feel like you are in fact ten years old. If that is okay with you. Skateboards have always been fun with one proviso. You don’t fall off them. Then maybe nothing is a good look if you fall off it.

Rollerskates and Rollerblades.

Which a bit like the scooter is a little bit retro. Again they have been tirelessly re-invented, and design and tech have made all the difference. Rollerskates still do it and they just seem fast, plus they keep you fit. You do benefit from a generous sidewalk or park, however.

Whichever way you choose to do it, getting around has never been quite so stylish, chic or hi-tech. Things can only get better. Still waiting for the hoverboard, though.