Congratulations. You've made it this far in life, but not without faking your way through it. It's normal. We all do it. Does that mean life is all but a big lie? Here's how you've been doing it, in hopes that one day, you don't have to anymore.

1. On getting a job.

2. On keeping up with the pretenses.

3. When you shop.

4. When you don't want to miss out on anything.

5. When you overspend.

6. When you're too poor, but don't want to miss a party.

7. On life goals.

8. On the pretext of being curious. (actual: stupidity.)

9. When you learn how to be calm.

10. When you get caught..

11. On where you are in life right now.

12. The things you never say to anyone but yourself.

13. On keeping it real.

14. On bending the truth.

15. When taking challenges head on with bravado.