Orlando Bloom is quite the player. He might even rival Leo DiCaprio after all. His long string of lovers include some of the most beautiful women on the planet. To top it off, he's been spotted getting cosy with Katy Perry.

Have they been hooking up?

So they're "just friends" or what?

Here are some of the string of women he's left behind:

2001 – Sienna Miller

2002 to 2006 – Kate Bosworth

2005 – Kirsten Dunst

2006 – Penelope Cruz

2007 to 2013 – Miranda Kerr

2014 – Nina Dobrev

2014 – Selena Gomez

Alleged: Liv Tyler

Alleged: Helena Christensen

Alleged: Vanessa Lachey

Alleged: Naomie Harris

Alleged: Christina Ricci

Alleged: Lindsay Lohan