Hugs can be awkward if not done properly, whether it be on or off screen. Here are some of the most awkward ones. The funniest one, being the ones that happened in real life. Check out the gallery below for more!

Phil and Jay in Modern Family

P. Diddy enjoying this embrace a little longer than Bono

Tastee and Crazy Eyes from ‘Orange Is The New Black’

T. Swift and Olivia Munn

Sheldon Cooper and Penny from ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Justin Bieber just loving on himself

Meryl Streep and Marion Cotillard

Any hug involving Michael Scott

Scarlett Johansson and John Travolta

Jim Carrey’s good-bye hug from ‘Dumb and Dumber’

J.D. trying to be a sweetie in ‘Scrubs’

The rock-hard boobs hug from ‘Mean Girls’

Johnny Depp and Penelope Cruz

Emma Stone getting the life squeezed out of her in ‘Easy A’

Michael and his mom in ‘Arrested Development’

Voldemort embracing Malfoy is one of the most uncomfortable things to watch

This very endearing ‘Fight Club’ hug

Will Ferrell in ‘Step Brothers’