Having affairs never end well. A young woman in Shanghai used Instagram to document her lavish affair with her boss. Instagram is banned in China and it's probably why she used the platform to avoid getting caught.

She calls herself "Molly" and doesn't name the firm she works for in Shanghai.

Her face is also never visible in the pictures.

She documents her working life by saying, “I do stuff for my boss during the day; my boss does me at night.”

The account had over six months of lavish affairs happening throughout Asia, according to Oriental Sunday who broke the story.

Her captions explain that her affair with her boss is fueled by pay bonuses, luxurious dinners, hotel stays and tropical vacations.

An ordinary photo of herself included the caption, “I messed up at work today, now i’m going to be punished.” Is that a euphemism for something else?

Her account has since been deactivated due to media exposure, and was leaked online by Chinese media.

What her motivations were for doing this are still unknown.