Movie trickery and special effects are the reason you think you're watching your favorite actor or actress in the nude or somewhat, but in fact, you're not. Here are some who have opted to not be involved in nudity. Just yet.

Katy Mixon revealed she didn’t reveal anything in her topless car scene in “Eastbound and Down,” saying she will never do any nudity because her father could be watching.

Isla Fisher's sex-crazed Gloria Cleary character in “Wedding Crashers,” opted out of the nude scenes, saying “I feel like if you have a female comic character and then you see her nipples, then she is no longer funny, which is clearly wrong but that was my theory and I didn’t want to do it.”

Gwyneth Paltro was in “Shallow Hal,” and demanded a body double, mainly because she doesn’t like her own derriere. She said, “I hate it. It’s not my favorite part.”

Shamed queen Cersei Lannister (played by Lena Headey) took a public walk in the nude to atone for her sins in Game of Thrones. However, the naked woman is actually Rebecca Van Cleave, who beat out over 1,000 actresses for the dirty job.

Owen Wilson’s butt was replaced by a double in “You Me and Dupree.”

Luke Wilson chose to have a body double for “My Super Ex-Girlfiend,” claiming that he didn’t think his own body was athletic enough for the role.

Keira Knightley admits her lap-dancing scene in “Domino,” was that of a body double, explaining, “It’s definitely a body double, I don’t have that body. What a bum! I wish I had that bum…it was fantastic.”

During production of “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” Penelope Cruz was pregnant and couldn’t film all of the scenes. Her sister, Monica Cruz, is a great substitute.

Natalie Portman’s character in “Your Highness” gets in a scandalous thong, jumping into an ice-cold lake. Except, that wasn't her at all!

Mila Kunis used a butt double while filming “Friends with Benefits,” saying “I showed side boob and I figured I can’t just give everything all away at once. I gotta let it all out in little pieces here and there.”

The nude waterfall scene in “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” where “Kevin Costner’s butt” is showing is not in fact his.

You thought you saw Olivia Wilde’s nipples in the sex scene in “The Change-Up,” but you were wrong. The nip-slip was computer generated.

The butt you see onscreen in “Wanted” isn’t Angelina Jolie’s. Though, there are other movies where you can see everything that's hers.