Money. There's never enough of it. More so when you're poor. This is your relationship with money, and hopefully, things will change up for the better. Check out this list below. You might just empathize with it.

1. When you're dead on not spending money.

2. If only they chose cheaper places.

3. All the cash you saved from not going out.

4. Like hitting the jackpot.

5. When you're counting every single buck.

6. All those talks you have with yourself.

7. When your imagination was rich.

8. You'll enjoy the meal better.

9. Shouldn't have ordered so much...

10. When you want to treat yourself, but your bank account says no.

11. This is so real.

12. Should have ordered more..

13. And...then you'll feel shitty.

14. Turn away now and walk away.

15. Disconnecting yourself, not because you want to..

16. You have to pretend at first.

17. You "ate" already.

18. Must be good..

19. This is annoying!

20. Gold...chocolate?

21. Almost there fella..

22. Time to treat yourself.