Some fails are better than others. These ones here should remain in the glory hall of the best ever ones because they're so funny, it doesn't need to be relevant to any era. Check them out below.

The lost 710.

The woman who’s unlucky in love.

The artist.

The classic Instagram food snap

The mirror.

The hall of cost.

The pizza complaint.

The volleyball practice.

The time Clint went to Starbucks and became..

The best teacher ever.

The most painful iPhone 6 release experience.

The smell of incest.

The lesson learned while traveling.

The “knowledge is power” tattoo.

The grown man in the playground.

The awful tattoo.

The man who tried to recreate “Wrecking Ball” at home.

The student that wasn’t.

The fear of triplets.

The Jon Bovi.

The student who got trapped in a giant stone vagina.

The sunbather.

The pizza chef.