Not everyone loves Mondays. It is the day you go back to work. It is the day you go back to school. The weekend is over. Fun has ended. You'll have to repeat the cycle all over again. Here's how some Mondays are like:

1. You wake up feeling grumpy.

2. Stuff just doesn't go according to plan.

3. Mishaps might happen.

4. For some, it really isn't their favorite day of the week.

5. For some, unlucky things happen on Monday too.

6. You get out of bed and go downstairs reluctantly.

7. You have to drag your carcass to work. You dread it.

8. And if your toilet breaks on a Monday, your week is kind of ruined.

9. You hate seeing signs like this.

10. You prefer this kind:

11. Your boss isn't going to let you off early.

12. When people try to step on your toes on Monday, you get pissy.

13. Let's just say, you're not the most productive tool in the shed on Monday.

14. Or maybe you're not great at listening.

15. But don't worry, Monday will end.

16. And tomorrow is going to be another day.