The Bro Code is defined as a "set of universal rules meant to be a guideline to live by between Bros."

While it might have started out as unwritten rules, a lot of males in this generation don't seem to be following them properly. To prevent anymore Bromances from being broken, we decided they needed to be spelled out for all of mankind to remember.

Here are the top 12 offences that every guy should alway in keep mind, lest they risk breaching the Bro Code:

1. Hooking up with a girl who's beyond drunk

2. Hooking up with a bro's ex behind his back

3. Seducing a bro's ex through Tinder

4. Pulling out of wingman duty when needed

5. Get into a bitch fight with a bro... over a girl

6. Stealing a bro's beer and not telling him

7. Hooking up with a bro's sister. Some things should be off limits.

8. Calling another bro to bitch about another bro, for hours.

9. Borrowing a bro's shirt and not returning it

10. Hitting on a bro's wife, or anyone's wife for that matter

11. Watching Game of Thrones and spoiling it for everyone else using Facebook