The world is changing, and industries are being disrupted with the advent of the Internet of Everything. The way we work will be different. The way we interact, make decisions and go about our lives will be different.

According to the IDC, we will have 26 times more connected things than people by 2020. This calls for new job descriptions in the future, and frankly, we're not that far away from it either.

1. The connected doctor

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With devices to help people track everything from the steps they take to the amount of sleep they get, embedded sensors will be able to measure heart rate, mood, and breathing activity in real time. We could soon be doing our routing health check ups at home while a connected doctor at the other end attends to us.

2. Smart-car mechanic

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Your car will periodically monitor itself and alert mechanics, with the owner's permission about maintenance issues before drivers even notice a problem. Tesla is doing this.
Mechanics will soon be able to identify the root of a problem for maintenance and repairs to happen faster. Mechanics will need deep technological knowledge and an understanding of the mechanics of the vehicle to.

3. The data plumber

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With your home becoming smarter, connected devices at home could be collecting a lot of data. But it is pointless if you don't know what you want to do with all that data. It has to be analyzed to capitalize its effect.

4. The smart-city planner

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As the Internet of Everything gets more widespread, everything is going to need an update. And that means, even our cities. From transportation, energy, environmental and health care, everything will be connected. The Smart-City planner will have to take every data point into consideration which would be used to help solve problems and make things more efficient.

5. Networked Cybersecurity Expert

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When everything gets connected, security is going to be vulnerable too. Security experts will have to constantly be confronting new issues and possibilities to curb criminal activity. Today's cybersecurity experts specialize in protecting computers and servers. Tomorrow's cybersecurity experts will specialize in protecting people and their connected gadgets.

6. The customer satisfaction chief

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As the world gets more social, so will your customer service. Hence, the chief customer satisfaction officer job. It will be more common as more customer data becomes abundant and accurate. A chief customer satisfaction officer will have access to a dashboard view of all customers, which allows them to be more analytical and action oriented.