Every guy dreams of having a bachelor pad to have his boys over for video game nights or to have booze parties. But the cherry on top is getting all the privacy needed to host quality time with their girls of interest.

And if your apartment is anything in the list below, you can expect not to have company. Ever.

1. Dirty laundry on the floor

Nobody likes to see your underwear strewn on the floors of your room. It's unbecoming. Get a laundry basket so you can throw your clothes in. They're inexpensive, and you'll look a tad neater.

2. Messy dining table

Or any surface for that matter. It just shows how lazy you are and how you don't value what's yours. It's also an eye sore!

3. Empty fridge and larder

This tells any visitor that you're incapable of feeding yourself or others. Plus you won't have anything to offer guests when they come over. Stock up on the basics like drinks, butter, bread, and spreads. You really don't need to be a chef to feed your guests.

4. Pin-up girl posters

Are you 15? Just stop. Grow up and invest in some art instead.

5. Unmade bed

It's unsightly! And it just shows that you don't have any discipline in your life. When girls are greeted with unmade bed it just looks gross even if your bed is super clean. It's always nice to come home to a bed that's been made so start making your own bed.

6. Rubbish and crumbs anywhere

This is just plain gross. If you have rubbish and crumbs it just means you'll be inviting cockroaches and other bugs into your home, which freaks people out. Not only are you showing off how messy you are, you're also telling people you aren't responsible and don't really care about anything.

7. Stuffy apartment

This happens to people who don't air their apartment. It's worse if you're a smoker and the house is trapped with stale air. It's a total put off and it's suffocating, so open your windows or balcony doors several times in a week, or everyday if possible.

8. Sticky surfaces

Nobody likes sticky surfaces. It shows how lazy and unbothered you are, not to mention unhygienic. Plus it makes girls feel really icky in your home. Just buy a cloth and surface cleaners and learn to wipe your tables, counters, and coffee tables.

9. Smelly furniture

If you're trying to impress a girl, make sure your furniture doesn't reek of food stains, smoke scents, and just plain dirt. If you can't do it, look for services that help you clean your furniture fabric and bedsheets. The last thing a girl wants is to have to sit on your dirty furniture, and she's definitely not going to want to get naked in these conditions.

10. Used condoms and other things

Used condoms, stray panties and other bits that were left behind by your previous fuck buddy should be well out of sight. You know the repercussions, so be absolutely thorough when cleaning up your place before you invite the next girl over.

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