There is a Facebook group/page that's called "What Happens at Private School Goes On Snapchat" - @PrivateSchoolSnapchats and their linked accounts on Snapchat @RichKidsNaps and Instagram @official_richkids. What you'll see in there are a bunch of rich kids complaining about their first world problems and it is why you should absolutely not feel sorry for them, ever.

They are purportedly run by an anonymous teen who shares photos of what goes on in the lives of these privileged rich kids. It's not clear if much that goes on from there is real or is fabricated, but either way, it is drawing lots of attention.

The moderator of the Snapchat account made the following statement to BuzzFeed over the weekend:
"Of course there is a huge amount of anger about my snapchat account. Understandably it upsets people that I am spending money on unnecessary things, and more importantly bragging about it. ]

A lot of people tell me I could be giving to charity instead. I completely understand that it upsets people. However I donate over 80% of my income to charity. In fact my bank automatically sends 80% of any payment going into my account directly to my charity holding account, which then gets distributed to around 100 charities of my choose at the end of every month.

On top of this, I donate generously to various charity events. I also want to make clear that the only reason I do this is because I want to. It gives me pleasure knowing that I am donating money to good causes. I most certainly do not do it so that I can tell people that I ‘give to charity’. Also, the only reason I am saying it in this email is to make clear that I do not take all my money and waste it on pointless luxuries."

From wiping their ass with euro bills to having the dilemma of which Ferrari to drive today, here's what rich kids struggle with every other day. Rich First World Problems?

1. They get cars they don't deserve

2. Their decisions are tough.

3. Or when they don't want to make a decision:

4. They've got an abundant of choices to make:

5. They regret not broadening their taste in color.

6. Their presents are hard to gift-wrap.

7. These are actually toys to them:

8. Daddy gave them the keys but not the car. Sigh?

9. So daddy brought them shopping.

10. Seriously, we hate making this choice too.

11. This really is the worst thing ever. Next to choosing which car to drive of course.

12. Exactly. Because they are all RED. Help!

13. Is there any other way?

14. No more flying coach anymore. Miss the hordes of people, for sure.

15. Because peasants will attack you.

16. Being rich doesn't come with manners apparently.

17. I don't see any roads, so a 'copter will have to do.

18. My sentiments exactly.

19. So this isn't a problem? Why is this here?

20. There is no option for "Balls". Too bad.

21. You can also land that thing anywhere.

22. You had better love your dad a lot.

23. Too cramped. Why they gotta make it this way?

24. Well, that makes sense, right?

25. If it is too cheap, let's skip it.

26. And probably gave that car to him to keep you in school.

27. Because only dicks park like that.

28. Are they now... us peasants have a way to get to them you know..

29. Aka cheapest car at home.

30. Rich kids aren't witty sometimes. This picture is boring.

31. I prefer to stare at my endless bank account if I were rich.

32. These are the hardest morning decisions after wearing pants.

33. Private school parents coming to donate more money to the school we bet.

34. The world is going to end!

35. Why not all?

36. Do they become 21 next year again? How can it be best 21st ever? Was last year's 21st bad?

37. Yeah, those stupid toys. Should have one more than 3, I tell you.

38. You don't say..

39. A Range Rover? Come on, you can do better than that.

40. Damn you, Daddy. I hate you! Now my friends will think we're poor.

41. They get to play with nice toys, no doubt.

42. But they also have to endure drivers picking them up from school. Fucking tough, bro.

43. Groan?

44. And that is C-, D-, E-, basically barely passing, and not failing.

45. I think it is Christmas everyday there..

46. With your new mom?

47. I hear you, bro.

48. You are actually poor in Dubai, did you know that?

49. Cos he couldn't deal with your shit anymore.

50. What did you get him? An unwanted pregnancy?

51. First time being a dick is the best.

52. Ok, erm, pretty?

53. You have no friends.

54. Cos he didn't want to give you his credit card.

55. You prefer money-ply.

56. Just 20s? You have got to BE KIDDING ME.

57. Last we checked, that didn't work. Also, rich does not equal smart it seems.

58. Yeah, chump change we know.

59. Let's see how long you'll do that for.

60. Ok, totally makes sense.

61. So you planning to skip school?

62. At least rich kids are "green".

63. You know what else isn't working? Your brain.

64. Doesn't she drop by all the time?

65. And then math class, economics class, etc.

66. Admittedly, this looks fun.

67. Shit for brains:

68. Like the cars, their shoes look the same. All of them!

69. If only they knew how dirty the screen was.

70. Big fat deal?

71. Yeah, those people will eat you up.

72. Come on, it is just a swimming pool.

73. Looks like you'll have to be bringing that with you everywhere you go then.

74. Daddy must know you're pretty dumb.

75. I can't believe you're doing someone else's job.

76. Where's the "nuts" on the receipt?

77. 2 hours later, this dog died.

78. That's nothing. Where's your Ferrari?

79. Interesting enough, this isn't very special.

80. This is depressing. Where's the richness in this?

81. Rich kids really have no taste, or creativity. Just designer brands, nice cars and helicopters.