The only explanation for you not doing the things you're supposed to do is that you are lazy. It's the most widespread disease of all time and here are some of the 14 things people inflicted with this disease don't do:

1. Get out of bed everyday

It's especially difficult to drag yourself out of bed and into the shower. It might be easier telling yourself to drag yourself out of bed and onto the sofa.

2. Cook

Why would you? You'd rather just buy something. The only time you felt like a chef was when you microwaved some instant noodles.

3. Make an effort at work

Whatever you do pays the bills, so you're just gonna keep doing the minimum requirement to keep your job.

4. Hit on a girl

You're looking at a hot chick. You imagine what it might be like being with her. But you can't be arsed. Let them come, let all the girls come to you. You're probably single, or with someone who is trying to change you.

5. Think of where you want your life to be in 10 years, let alone 

Whatever is meant to be will be, right? If you end up a bum then that's just the way the universe planned it for you. Plus, it takes too much effort trying to think past the weekend.

6. Keep in touch with friends

You'll only keep up with your best friends who have known you since you were 6. Even they've progressed in life, but that's fine, as long as they're still your friends. You're technically not bothered keeping in touch with other people unless they make the effort.

7. Make new friends

Too. Much. Work.

8. Care about a person, pet, or plant

There's no way you can care for anyone or anything when you can't even care for yourself. You can't even care for a goldfish because you'd be too lazy to buy it any food or change the water.

9. Go to the movies

You'll just wait to download it online. Plus you don't really have anyone to go with, and going alone is as good as just watching it at home.

10. Have great sex

You're just lazy. You enjoy the feeling, but you don't want to do much work.

11. Buy a nice car

You'll take whatever you can get because you can't be arsed to choose or think about it. So you'll take over your mom's car, or your sister's car when she wants to get a new one.

12. Spend wisely

It takes too much effort to do the math.

13. Exercise

You might not be fat, but you sure are saggy. Exercise is the biggest no-no in your life. Your biggest workout daily is walking to the bus stand.

14. Dress nicely

Because it takes too much brainpower trying to match clothing wisely. So you just wear dull colors because it's easier to match and requires the least thinking. Plus you hate making any form of effort.