From weird game shows to their obsession with boobs, Japan is one exciting place you wouldn't expect normal to apply anywhere. And if you think that's a bit of an exaggeration, then you have to check out these pictures below. They're shocking! Check it out:

1. Burgers like this:

2. Kit Kat in your pizza.

3. Kit Kat in your sandwich.

4. Cicada shells on your hair. Super weird.

5. This contest everyone with a baby things they can win.

6. This shop.

7. This blender.

8. Origami tp.

9. Water that will help you lose weight.

10. This undecipherable t-shirt.

11. This t-shirt.

12. Movie marketing.

13. Kim Jung-un's new haircut to be.

14. This pencil.

15. Coke parties.

16. Human centipede sculptures.