Signs are meant to inform and direct. These 19 however have a whole different approach. It's probably out there to confuse people, and confuse it will. Possibly the worst signs ever. Check them out below:

1. Privacy settings not turned on?

2. The bike lane.

3. Extremely confusing sign. What are "my little chickadees?"

4. So what do you do?

5. You read that right.

6. And the difference is...?

7. Do you stop or do you go?

8. All roads lead to Montreal.

9. This guy is going the right way. Or is he?

10. Do not leave it ajar.

11. Stop, or not?

12. So where's the entrance?

13. Looks like someone didn't get the brief right.

14. Living life dangerously?

15. Well, this is confusing:

16. So they say good-bye when you leave. How polite!

17. This is tough.

18. How do you propose to do that?

19. 101%.