Most people use simple and nice phone cases but there are lots more in the market. Some of them, like these 23, are way over the top and a tad wrong or weird. Check them out below. Would you use any of them?

1. This fried chicken phone case:

2. This stupid phone case:

3. We're not sure how this adds any value:

4. A taser phone case, and you're putting this to your ear...

5. A case that describes you.

6. Forget about putting this in your pocket-kinda-case.

7. The most ridiculous looking phone case.

8. A super wrong Paul Frank gone Nazi phone case.

9. The phone case that could get you arrested.

10. This one:

11. The why-would-anyone-use-this phone case:

12. The rock.

13. This ridiculous looking phone case:

14. The utility phone case. Quite cool, but would you use it?

15. The testes phone case. Super weird. Look at them banging each other's balls:

16. The boob case:

17. For the lonely phone case:

18. Lend me a ear phone case:

19. Pick-your-nose phone case:

20. The most interesting phone case, but yet, the most useless one:

21. This really stupid looking phone:

22. The cute panty phone case:

23. The brake phone case: