It goes without saying that everyone wants to GET RICH. And while there are all kinds of schemes, a lot of them are also scams. Scams of which a lot of people fall for. It's unfortunate that the lure of money would resort people doing things that aren't very sound.

But having said that, there's always a strategy. One that involves a risk-less approach.

1. Sell your mandarin oranges

Trust me, you'll have a lot lying around. People want them but won't eat all of them!

2. Visit your married friends

Don't worry about them telling you it's "your last year". Be thick skinned about it.

3. Visit your friends who just got married

They'll groan and moan, but it is double angpow for you.

4. Create an app that makes it easy to send angpows to people

All we can say is good luck and remember this piece of advice:

5. Recycle your angpow packets

There's not much here, but saving the environment is a good thing, mmkay?

You've got too many of them anyway!

6. Write a Chinese New Year article like this and hope people will click on the ads. 


Whatever your plan is to get rich, always remember. Risking it is never a good idea.

Because, unlike the Hunger Games, the ODDS ARE NEVER IN YOUR FAVOUR.