The selfie stick can really be useful when you have a large group, but sometimes it just takes the funniest and most ridiculous pictures. Here are 15 times it did so.

1. When the selfie stick was actually a tree branch.

2. When it captured this pic at a wide angle.

3. When it was used to capture food, this close.

4. When it was used to take this super boring picture.

5. And when it was used to take your shock-face.

6. And when one couldn't be found, they used this instead.

7. These guys were using a selfie stick. Not.

8. Third wheel not needed.

9. This aerial shot.

10. These women.

11. This man's camera phone. So high tech!

12. Doubt you need a selfie stick in front of a mirror.

13. This girl's leg-selfie-stick.

14. Sometimes the camera captures at a really wide angle.

15. Angle, angle, angle.

16. Where be the faces?