A lot of people wear glasses. But while it improves vision, people who wear glasses go through a whole lot of weird moments every other day. Here are 15 of them. Check it out below:

1. When someone asks what is your power. (Nosy!)

2. Some people asking if your glasses are real.

3. Friends asking you to get Lasik.

4. Or contacts.

5. When your friend asks to try on your glasses.

6. Working out or playing sport in glasses. Tough!

7. Trying to kiss with glasses on.

8. When you wake up and you can't find your glasses.

9. When it rains.

10. When people say you look better without glasses.

11. And when they claim you're only wearing them to look more hipster.

12. When people assume you're smart because you wear them. (Of course you are.)

13. They keep falling down, all the time, everywhere.

14. When they get dirty and you forgot to clean them.

15. People calling you four eyes. (RUDE)