There are normal selfies, and there are bad selfies and then there are great selfies. Here's a collection of 15 best ones we've found this week. Much better than the usual mug-shot you usually take.

1. The reaction to Bieber in the background.

2. Baby masters duck-face.

3. This guy mastered the art of creating an awkward situation.

4. Squirrel selfie.

5. The adverse-to-kisses baby.

6. You have to at least try it once selfie.

7. Caught in the act selfie.

8. When you need a prop.

9. The nonchalant grandma selfie.

10. The confused baby selfie.

11. Horse-ass photobomb selfie.

12. Like father like son.

13. Conan and Ricky Gervais sharing an intimate moment.

14. The woman who didn't realize there was poo next to her.

15. The guy who'll regret doing this after.