Throw logic or sense out of the window, because Bollywood films are outrageously awesome. Over-the-top action, explosions, and anything crazy are a prerequisite. Awesome script writing is not mandatory. Check it out:

1. They force you to suspend reality.

Only heroes can do such things.

2. They take the effort to go slow-mo.

If it is action you want, action is what you'll be getting,.

3. Unlike Bay's films, you actually get to see what goes on in detail.

The only reason you'll rewind to that scene is to see how incredible it was.

4. Bollywood makes you want to be the hero.

Bay's films just leave you hanging, wondering what the heck is the whole plot about.

5. Bollywood references popular culture. Makes it super fun.

Dancing. Never forget the dancing.

6. Action is coupled with extreme comedy.

Though being on the receiving end of a badass like Singham isn't funny at all!

7. Realism is non-existent.

This isn't a scene from Kung Pow, but it should have been.

8. They tap your childhood imagination and take it to the next level.

The Indian Wong Fei Hung.

9. They don't require too much CGI.

Just camera tricks.

10. But when they do, they take it to the next level.

Gravity or bounce? How bout both?

11. Their action scenes are weirdly good.

It's almost as good as this:

Okay, no not really. The Winter Soldier really set the bar very high.

12. The hero is pretty much unstoppable.

Overcoming adversity is his middle name.

13. It's so stupid it's good.

You'll marvel at how ridiculous most Bollywood films are, but you already knew that before you watched them.

14. The final scenes are epic to say the least.

They go out with a bang. If only the stories made more sense and the scenes didn't give me a headache while watching them...