Greeting someone shouldn't be a hard thing to do, but these people here found themselves in really awkward situations. To fistbump or to shake? To cheek kiss or to hug? Here are the most awkward encounters that have happened. Hopefully it never happens to you.

1. Yup, hello.

2. Absolutely no.

3. Ian Somerhalder and Ariana Grande just couldn't get it right.

4. Damn you, Adam Levine.

We'll say it again, damn you, Adam Levine.

5. Even 50 Cent had a problem.

Indecisiveness can create awkwardness.

6. The tease that backed out the last second:

7. Come here, wife..or not.

That was intimacy.

8. Put it there man...... or not. It's all about the timing.

In his defense, Stephen Merchant couldn't see Joseph Gordon-Levitt's hand reaching for him.

9. Cat no love Ariana Grande.

10. Awkwardness happens with animals too.

11. Thank god he brought the sign. Thank god.

12. The rejected kiss:

13. How many times did this poor guy extend his hand?

Answer: one too many times.

14. When you are uncertain about everything:

15. Fistbump or bro-five? Bro-shake it is.

Just make up your minds already!

16. If all fails, just go in for a hug.

At your own risk.

17. Hug, shake, let's just do everything to be sure.

18. Yeah, let's celebr... okay my neck is itchy actually.

19. Just who do you high five?

Options, options, options. Apparently nobody and everybody.

20. No one wanted to shake Ben Affleck's hand.

Or was that the medieval handshake?