Selfies are all the rage these days, and some are going as far as photoshopping them to look fantastic and great. The problem with that is, these people don't pay attention to the surrounding environment when manipulating their bodies. Check out the hilarious results below:

1. The muscular kid.

2. Her butt is bending time and space.

3. Now those are some really..weird muscles. 

4. The house got warped after her breast augmentation.

5. Big headed.

6. Cut and paste. Seems good enough.

7. How cute!

8. Those are some rock hard bosoms. 

9. This guy doesn't skip neck day.

10. He only worked out one arm.

11. Either the mirror is lying..or...

12. Barbie has nothing on this lady.

13. Two biceps.

14. The..wing man.

15. Someone's gotta get that door checked.