According to cultural stereotype, being a man is great. We make more money, get better as we age, and we get to go number 1 anywhere if it is an emergency. But the truth is far from it. Being a man is harder than you can imagine. Here are 20 struggles anyone who's a man will understand:

1. You have to do most of the woo-ing. Most of the time.

We actually put in effort to be romantic. For once, we'd like to see a reversal in gender roles. Why can't we get swept off our feet too? This song here is a prime example of just how romantic men are.

Will women pay us back some romance too?

2. You have to decide where to take a girl out on a romantic date.

It is the first step to scoring. There's just so much thought. What if she doesn't like the place? What if this place blows my budget? What if I don't score? 

3. If you complain and share your feelings, you'd be mistaken as a wuss.

While pity parties are not cool, men are expected to be numb when it comes to feelings. Don Draper mode:

4. There's a lot of pressure on being the breadwinner.

Even Don Draper finds it hard.

It isn't as easy as it looks.

5. You get better as you get older, but if you're single, you might not have things in common with younger women.

FYI: Sex is not always on our minds, ladies. It's about the connection.

6. You can't grow a beard. Not everyone is like David Beckham.

Not all beards were created equal. Not all beards get created.

7. It's hard to find the right hairstyles. And when you do, it's too late.

Let's just shave it all off. Problem solved. Up yours, male pattern baldness!

Damn you, handsome.

8. Hairy balls.

Equals sweaty balls. It's not fun.

9. Hairy backs.

Some men have it worse than others. Primate back hair gene still running.

Or primate everywhere.

10. Testicles get in the way of clothing.

This must be worse than a camel toe. Definitely no contest.

11.  Random erections.

Why do you do this, penis?? Why?

12. Your voice is too high.

Thankfully, not everyone is like David Beckham.

13. Bad sex is totally, 100% your fault.

Because whose fault can it be??

Take a wild guess!

14. Initiating sex is not a walk in the park.

This is just a fantasy. It never happens!

You don't get a home run every time.

15. Shopping in malls.

It is an extremely painful process. This is the reason they invented online shopping.

16. Getting hit in the groin is twice more painful than imagining it.

The pain is a new experience on another level every single time.

17. Being mistaken as a pedophile.

There's a double standard when men hug children or hold their hands out in public, they may get mistaken as pedophiles. Totally unfair. This is the reason why most men aren't very physical when showing affection.

18. Double standard on violence.

If you see a man getting slapped in public, you'd laugh. What you won't do is go to his rescue. See a woman get slapped in public, and the whole world is there to defend her.

19. People will have no problem hitting you in the face because you're a guy.

If testosterone gets in the way of arguments, it can get pretty physical.

20. Friend zone.

More guys have been friend-zoned than they'd like to admit. Most guys just move on and not dwell on the matter. It is a common occurrence. 

Friend-zoned forever.