Like most people, I can't grow a beard to save my life. And while the only thing I can grow is beard-envy, there are many other good things that come with the lack of facial hair. Here are ten of those things:

1. Saving tons of money on shavers

This is obvious. I average 1 shaver every 3 months. Think about the savings! I don't even need them to be branded!

2. Never having to worry about shaving cuts

There's just not enough to cause a mistake.

Okay it might, but the chances of it happening is really on the low side.

3. Always looking fresh.

Which dude will you hire? The clean shaven one or the scruffy looking fella?

Unless this guy is your interviewer:

4. You'll always look younger too.

Boy face ain't so bad after all. Think about it when you're 50.

5. Women prefer kissing a clean shaven face.

Trust me. At least, that's what I've been told.

Or not? Damn it. I'm confused:

No diff, buddy.

6. Hipsters with beards all look alike.

At least you're standing out of the crowd.

7. We won't look homeless.

Has a home                                                                Doesn't have a home.

Plus this is pretty gross: 

Correction: it is fucking gross.

8. We save a lot of time..not shaving! 

We're done in 10 seconds, tops!

9. We can be models for hairless shaving commercials.

How do you think they were actually done?

10. And finally....seriously, not everyone looks good with a beard.

Still, we wished we could grow one. It's sexy, damnit.