Sometimes we get into heated arguments online. It could be a question, or it could be an opinion, that you may not agree with. So how do you respond to people who just don't seem to get it? You troll them back with some great GIFs. Here's one for every occasion.

1. For when you're sick of someone asking the same question over and over again.

2. For when it is time to just hide and let the guy with no logic win.

3. For the defiant-no moments.

4. For the cutesy-no moments.

5. For when you need to illustrate just how ridiculous a statement was.

6. For the "askhole".

7. For someone asking you a dumb question about your appearance.

8. For someone suggesting the dumbest thing you've heard.

9. For the times you are grumpy but don't bother to say it with words.

10. For when it is time to throw the person out of the window (or thread).

11. If people can't get sarcasm, try responding with cuteness.

12. Or complete WTF silent screams.

13. For when it is time to get the hell out of a thread.

14. Or if you prefer using animals.

15. Either way, there are so many you can use:

16. For when you are tired of arguing.

17. For when you want to chase someone out of the thread.

18. The resounding no-dude. No.

19. For if you need to warn someone about what they just said.

20. For the times you can't believe someone said something.

21. For the times you need to reply the most illogical people.

22. For when you need to let a bitchy resting face do the rest of the talking.

23. For when someone says something so unbelievable.

24. For when you want to point out how stupid a point is.

25. Because even animals find you stupid.

26. For when you need to get more likes on your response.

27. For the times you know you have to leave a discussion.

28. For responding to rude people.

29. For responding to a scary situation.

30. For a "what the fuck did I just read" moment.

31. The ultimate sign-off.