Your selfie is nothing compared to these ones here. They are so extreme, they are immediately awesome at the same time. Check out all 21 of them:

1. Skydiving selfie.

2. Plane selfie.

3. Hanging on a crane?

4. Leopard selfie.

5. Pilot takes selfie.

6. Top gun selfie. Are those..missiles?

7. Diving selfie.

8. Jesus the Redeemer selfie.

9. BMW selfie.

10. Jumping off a cliff selfie.

11. F1 selfie.

12. SOS selfie.

13. Helicopter selfie.

14. On top of a building selfie.

15. Rodeo selfie.

16. Surfing selfie.

17. How high up is this guy??!

18. Stratosphere selfie?

19. Jellyfish selfie.

20. Your legs will shake selfie.

21. Space selfie.