How often do you polish your shoes? Like any good investment, splurging on expensive shoes means having to maintain them to ensure they last a life time. Below are some essentials that every man should have in their shoe polishing kit.

1. Leather Conditioner/Lotion: Stick to formulas that will condition the material while cleaning away dirt and grime.

2. Polish: This helps to revive the color while protecting your leather.

3. Edge Dressing: Adds the finishing touch to a good shine by restoring the color to the sole edges and heels.

4. Horsehair Shine Brush. A soft brush will help in bringing out the shine when you’ve applied polish.

5. Horsehair Cleaning Brush: For effective removal of dust and dirt.

6. Rag: Make sure it's thick or you’ll be cleaning shoe polish off of your fingernails for a week.

7. Newspaper: To protect your workspace from wet polish.

8. Welt Brush (optional): A nice option for spreading and applying polish without a rag.