How much about your jizz do you know about? Probably not as much as you think. Here are some 16 facts about semen, and they aren't exactly new facts. Know the difference between sperm and semen from the points below. Check it out:

1. Sperm and semen are not the same thing.

Sperm, is the name given to the reproductive cell that swims in seminal fluid. Together they form semen — an armored tank, meant to protect and help the sperm swim towards the end goal. 

2. Seminal fluid protects the sperm.

It helps the sperm get into the female body as well as survive the acidic environment in the female reproductive system. It also gives the sperm energy.

3. Semen is formed in three different parts of the body, not just the testes.

The prostate forms a milky substance that has enzymes, proteins, and minerals. Then the seminal vesicles produce the fructose and two-thirds of the fluid. The third are the testicles which produce the sperm.

4. Sperm are the only human cells produced in one individual, but designed for survival in another.

5. You'll produce a lot of sperm. A lot.

The human male produces around 150 million sperm a day.

6. Most of a man’s sperm are pretty useless.

Only a bit more than half the semen can swim.

7. Semen is protected from your body’s immune system.

8. Semen is mostly water. 1% sperm.

9. Men ejaculate about a teaspoon’s worth of semen.

10. Semen contains protein. Each ejaculation contains about 10 calories per teaspoon.

11. But it is not a great source of nourishment. So don't fool your lady friend into taking a gulp.

12. You can get some sexually transmitted diseases from semen.

13. Pre-ejaculate, or “pre-cum,” does not actually contain any sperm.

14. Things that you eat and drink can affect your semen. It'll smell and taste different based on your diet.

15. There is no real way to test your sperm’s fertility without the help of a doctor.

16. Bigger loads doesn't mean more potent semen.