These every things are just waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Too bad for them, they've given themselves away. The only thing left to do is to be careful at every step you take. You never know when they'll strike. Just take a look at those eyes:

1. This pepper looks pretty darn angry if you asked me.

2. This seething roof. Those eyes. Those EYES!!

3. Is this an evil shoe or what?

4. These boxes are plotting something. You just know it.

5. Spilt tea reminding you there is no next time after this one.

6. This onion is on a mission. You: cry.

7. This ice cream doesn't have plans to make you happy.

8. This mop looks like it'll mop you up instead of the floor.

9. This chocolate cake is angry it doesn't have enough chocolate.

10. This pickle wants to put you in its spot.

11. This Samurai leaf will fight you to the death.

12. This beer ghoul will make your night end in an epic manner. That's probably not so epic for you.

13. These eggs are a sign of something about to happen.

14. Skull popcorn? Are you shaking now?

15. This potato definitely has a grudge on you.

16. This bag is going to stuff you up for sure.

17. Cold? Don't use this blanket. Don't USE it!

18. This pasta surely doesn't like hot water.

19. This car is a pretty fierce looking one. Don't look at it.

20. Probably an evil cookie.

21. The chocolate milk carton is probably very, very angry.