Timing is important, and some argue that scheduling sexy time isn't the best thing in a relationship. But if you don't do that, getting turned down may be a very real thing that could happen. What's the most common excuse you've heard of before?

All of these lead to NO.

What is your wife's excuse for not wanting sex?

   "I feel Dirty and I need a shower."

   "I'm exhausted."

   "I'm still tender from yesterday."

   (Just starring at you, blankly.)

   "I'm watching the show."

   "I'm too drunk."

   "I just got out of the toilet."

   "I have to be up early."

   "I feel gross."

   "I think I'm getting sick."

   "I just came back from the gym."

   "I need to clean the house."

   "The kids Will hear us."

Set the mood. And the time. It should work in your favor.