Diet can be a deal breaker for some people looking for love. Would you be able to date a vegetarian? Here are some really tough questions to ask yourself before you commit to a relationship with someone who has a different eating preference than you.

1. If she looked like this:

The hottest girl you'll ever date.

   Yes. Once in a lifetime!

   No. I'll take my chances.

2. If she was nicest person in your life..

No one has ever treated you this way.

   Yes. There's more to love than food.

   No. I'll be dreaming of a beef burger every night.

3. If she indulged you in everything but..

Every restaurant you went to had to be vegetarian.

   Yes. I'll skip the meat.

   No. Need meat!

4. If her personality matched her looks but..

You can't have any meat at home either..

   Yes. It's a sacrifice I'm willing to take.

   No. Why can't I have my bacon?

5. If she's the envy of all your friends but..

You never get to join your friends for dinner because it's not vegan.

   Yes. Friends are overrated.

   No. Everyone needs some friends.

6. If she shares your world views but..

Wants you to eat nothing but soy all the time.

   Yes. Isn't that good?

   No. I'll probably be sick of it soon.

7. If she's the perfect housemate but..

Only cooks you a vegetarian dinner every night.

   Yes. It's healthy. Right?

   No. Where's muh protein?

8. If she played video games with you until the wee morning of the hours but..

Can't even snack on potatoes because she's pure vegan.

   Yes. Who needs to get fat on those things?

   No. I mean, those things are delicious.

9. If she can Netflix binge with you but..

Has to bring her own food if she goes to any other kind of restaurant.

   Yes. Food bill just got cheaper.

   No. Why does it have to be this way?

10. If everything just clicked but..

You'll never be able to taste steak again.


   No. Love my meat!